Applying Animal Wisdom

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Ahhh late July-early August is the time of year that the Chinese culture refers to as the 5th Season, which is late summer between the height of summer and before the drop into autumn.  A time that is full of possibility. A pregnant pause that is ripe with the fullness of life where things are just more, more…… and life extends an invitation to each of us to join in the dance of life simply by being - not doing - by being ourselves in our  fullness.

At Inner Alchemy in West Seattle the Fifth Season is honored as Sacred Animal month through unique classes offered by a variety of instructors - Animal Communication (Neave Karger), Canine First Aid & CPR class (Helga Karisch), Meet your Spirit Animal (Neave Karger), and Discover Your Animals Chakras (Vicki Draper) as well as the Art Walk displaying Becky MacPherson’s beautiful channeled paintings and pen and ink drawings of animals.  In honoring the Sacred Animal this month and in this fifth season I invite us to learn from the animals about being part of the fullness of life.

This fifth season resonates with the compassionate accepting space animals live where life is lived in the moment whether it is the ball to chase, the itch to be scratched, the bug to pounce on or their people to be with.  They welcome their humans just as they are tired, joyful, depressed, confused, and content.  The animals do not demand people to change.  Their compassionate acceptance welcomes the connection and invites the fullness of who you are in that moment.

This fifth season is also an excellent time to observe wild animals in the many activities of their lives. Teaching young ones to fly, hunting and gathering of food, claiming territory through elaborate dances or just simply being the snail that is crossing the path during a forest stroll.


The animals offer many teachings about presence and being in this season of fullness and the dance of life.  Simply by finding the silence within and observing them the teachings are available whether it’s a domesticated animal or a wild animal or insect.  Slow down and be in the moment and allow your whole body to be receptive listening and observing with your ears, eyes, smell, and feelings. This is a place of remembering - remembering that your body already knows how to connect with nature and the animals you did it as a kid.

Listen from this place and observe what stirs within you.  What sensations or thoughts or emotions bubble up?  How does their wildness speak to your wildness?  Curiously ask a question and see if you can receive a response. Either a general question about being that particular animal or perhaps a question about what is coming up for you. Then listen with your whole body - Animal Communication happens really quickly so be open and receptive to whatever you get.  It may be a taste, a feeling, a sensation, a word, a smell, or an image.

It is here in the sacred act of presence that the dance of life really begins.

Many of the offerings at Inner Alchemy are an invitation to step into this dance with Sacred Animals.

Inner Alchemy Tribe member  Neave Karger  is an Intuition Coach and Animal Communicator. She takes delight in working with people to gain confidence in using their intuition and speaking with the animals. She offers regular monthly Animal Communication classes at Inner Alchemy every 2nd Tuesday night and every 3rd Saturday. Her enthusiasm is really contagious!

Inner Alchemy Tribe member Neave Karger is an Intuition Coach and Animal Communicator. She takes delight in working with people to gain confidence in using their intuition and speaking with the animals. She offers regular monthly Animal Communication classes at Inner Alchemy every 2nd Tuesday night and every 3rd Saturday. Her enthusiasm is really contagious!


A Healthy State of Mind

A Health State of Mind - Using Self Hypnosis to Create Your Best Life

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Self Hypnosis: the fastest, easiest, most natural, self-help transformational tool. You can use your brain for most all changes you wish to make in your life and your body, but many people are not using it. WHY? Let’s explore where the problems begin.

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Our programming begins as early as the womb and continues until about age 7. During this time our brain is in the Theta state, where it is receiving and recording everything we learn, see, hear, taste and smell. What does the programming teach us? Quite a bit of false information about ourselves. Some experience negative feelings in the womb, even feelings of being unwanted. Some even experience feeling fear in the womb as domestic violence is happening in a home. Others hear words from parents or teachers that create negative feelings and beliefs that are not true.  For example, if you wear a hat indoors you will lose your hair later in life, if you don’t eat your carrots you could lose your eyesight. Or maybe you heard, you are a “bad” girl/boy, or you are a “good” girl/boy after completing a task. Or, that if you do something an adult says is bad or you hurt someone else’s feelings somehow, “you should be ashamed of yourself”, right? How many people were told as a child, “be quiet or I’ll give you something to cry about”? What does that say to a child… that your feelings are bad, better hold it in or stuff those feelings away. What happens to kids watching mom and dad fight, hearing the painful words of name calling, putting the other person down, etc. Listening to the fear of being poor, not enough money for the bills, not enough money for food, and that sets in the fear of lack for later in life. Listening to complaining about paying the bills, “life isn’t fair, it is hard”.  At school, “work hard, do your homework, or you won’t amount to anything in life”. 

This is where the programming begins for learning things like “I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve this or that”, feelings of shame and guilt and despair. Fear, fear of lack, feeling unloved, unwanted and believing that something is wrong with me if I can’t achieve things that other people have or if I can’t do what other people can do.

When you consider hypnosis, what comes to mind? “I don’t want to be under mind control and walk around clucking like a chicken”, is that right? Or maybe, hypnosis can’t be real, it doesn’t work, my friend tried and he didn’t quit smoking, or possibly something else. Maybe if you have a religious background? “you might open the door to evil spirits”. These statements are not true.

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To discover how self- hypnosis can help us make positive, permanent changes in our lives, let’s talk about hypnosis truths and de-bunk some of the myths.

What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is focused awareness where you are highly receptive to positive suggestions. The hypnotist and client work together to achieve results.

Truth – Hypnosis is a normal, natural state of mind, and everyone goes into some state of hypnosis daily.

Truth - Hypnosis is a state of mind, it is not a feeling. Hypnosis is not mind control. One example of being in a state of hypnosis is, as you fall asleep at night, or wake up in the morning, your brain is in a level of hypnosis. Watching your favorite television show and you are really into it; then, and your spouse or mom is calling you for dinner, but you don’t hear her. That is another example.

Truth - Everyone who can follow instructions and is willing can be hypnotized. People who go on stage agree to engage in the entertainment, and you notice some participants end up leaving the stage before the entertainment begins.

Myth – Hypnosis is mind control.

The fact is that hypnosis works below the level of conscious thinking, it works at the subconscious level where you have unlimited memory capacity. At each level of consciousness there is a critical factor, kind of a body guard so to speak, so if something is suggested that you don’t believe or maybe you don’t like or agree with, like then you would simply open your eyes and emerge yourself from the hypnotic state.

reprogram your subconscious mind

How does hypnosis really work?

Let’s cover the 3 levels of the brain that can help us understand.

  1. We have the unconscious mind, which is running our autonomic nervous system. It is making our heart beat, lungs breath, etc. so we don’t have to consciously think and tell our body to do these things. It is done unconsciously. This is the part that generates feelings.

  2. Next, we have the subconscious mind, this is the part of the brain where all the memories and habits reside, it has unlimited capacity. The subconscious mind is where our beliefs, emotions and habits are stored.

  3. Finally, the conscious mind is analytical and has minimal capacity, short term memory and it is rational. Think about it, your mind can be very chaotic. And, since you can only focus on about 6-9 bits of information at any given moment, you are really using the subconscious part of your mind for most of your day. Especially since in our culture we have so much to do and so much to think about. Pressure, negativity in the news, eat this, don’t eat that. Fear, fear and more fear. And we know, the programming of our subconscious mind is about 70 percent negative. That’s what is running most of our day, the 70 percent negative part of our brain! it’s no wonder we can’t figure out how to change a behavior or negative thoughts.

Watch Dr. Bruce Lipton on You tube. “This will literally blow your mind.”

Science can now explain that genes are not the controlling factor in our bodies. That is old news. With the power of hypnosis you can change things not only in your thoughts, and habits, but you can use hypnosis to correct issues in your body functions, just like yogis can control body temperature, heart rate, etc. It is possible during hypnosis, so by learning self-hypnosis you can literally make just about any change you desire.

This is GREAT NEWS! Quoted by Dr. Bruce Lipton, “Your brain is your best pharmacy. Everything in your head will fix everything in your body.”

Hypnosis can be used to gain confidence, gain motivation to eliminate procrastination, remove fears and eliminate negative thoughts. Hypnosis can help increase memory and enhance visualization techniques for greater performance. Use hypnosis to heal from trauma, overcome anxiety and depression.

Don’t waste another moment suffering.

Hypnosis works fast, and hypnosis works for almost any issue. Create lasting change in your life and achieve your goals.

Please contact Lisa Shook, Certified 5-PATH® Hypnotist and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher to find out more about hypnosis.

Lisa Shook, 5-Path® Hypnotist and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher and Reiki Master/ Teacher

Inner Alchemy Tribe Member

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The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine

As a Tribe at Inner Alchemy, West Seattle hub of high vibe, we are celebrating the theme of the Divine Feminine within the month of May.  The energies of the archetype are woven into our space in various ways ranging from the installation of artwork we’re exhibiting for the Art Walk to the exercises led by our Kundalini Yoga instructors.