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West seattle spiritual healing
This is the place you never knew you needed! Or if you did, you’re a step ahead of me. The owner, Maari, is so authentic in her vision for Inner Alchemy to help you and support you in life. I’ve particularly enjoyed the Sound Spa sessions. Wow. Gail plays them beautifully, and I look forward to her sessions to help me relax and center. There is something for everyone here. I highly recommend checking it out!
— Amy
West seattle spiritual healing
What an amazing space! Such great energy. Tonight’s event was amazing! I can’t wait to visit again - worth the drive from Olympia.
— Mary
seattle reiki massage acupuncture
Inner Alchemy offers a lovely environment to attend an exciting collection of classes and seminars to enhance your life and personal development. I am delighted to know this space exists in my neighborhood.
— Ricci
seattle health and wellness
What a great place! Good people, great energy. I really enjoyed all the events at the opening and wish I could have done them all. Great job making such a dreamy space.
— Tami
West seattle spiritual
I attended Inner Alchemy for the first time last Saturday and from my first glance I already knew this space was incredibly blessed! The Spiritual vibe and connection echoed through my entire being.
The workshop I attended was on Family Constellations. This was my third experience with Family Constellation work. As a result, I could literally write a book on the healing that has taken place within the generations of my family from my grandmother, mother and my two boys. I fully recommend both Inner Alchemy and Family Constellations!
— Michelle
Seattle holistic health
I attended the open house to learn more about Inner Alchemy’s services. I was so excited to learn that there is a place for woo woo people like me right in my neighborhood! I won a session with Gary, and met with him about a week later. He walked me through setting my intentions, and it was a very moving, powerful, and lovely experience.

I am truly grateful for the time I spent with him and fully recommend his services. I also booked an appointment with Amanda for my husband, who is moving forward with her services in nutrition and wellness.
The practitioners I met were fantastic. Just try it!
— Nicole
West seattle wellness
I attended an inspiring talk and a wonderful sound healing session. It’s a beautiful environment with lovely people that care about your spiritual journey.
— Cynthia
Maari has created a beautiful space at Inner Alchemy and offers so many treasures and experiences that will leave you transformed.
— Gail