What is a Spiritual Practitioner & Coach?

A Spiritual Practitioner and Coach is a licensed spiritual support person skilled in applying affirmative prayer to life’s challenges.  

Using affirmative prayer, Practitioners support you when you go through difficult times or when you want sustained support for your spiritual growth. Practitioners begin with the idea that you are already perfect and then assist you to reveal that perfection.

This is a unique form of prayer that brings our thinking and feeling into alignment with the truth that infinite Good surrounds us always in the form of love, harmony, peace, wellness, abundance, prosperity, and any Good we can imagine.

What to Expect During a Session

Each session begins anchored in meditation and/or an opening prayer.  The majority of the session is spent in dialogue.  Once you have had a chance to outline the problem or situation, the spiritual solution is sought and discussed.  Subconscious beliefs create the life you are currently experiencing and bringing those beliefs into conscious awareness will allow you the freedom of choice.  During this session, you will progress beyond the limits of your mind and into the truth found in your heart.  Here, is that transformational place where you begin to co-create a thriving and deeply satisfying life you love!

Each session is concluded with an affirmative prayer that confirms the understanding that the Universe is always conspiring for your Good.  When you leave, you will fill lifted, loved and supported in a meaningful and profoundly authentic way.


  • This work will help heal your heart

  • You will be deeply heard in a safe sacred container

  • You will release old beliefs that simply do not fit in your life anymore

  • You will reconnect with your inner guidance system

  • You will fall in love with yourself and your life

  • You will become a magnet for your Good

Inner Alchemy’s Spiritual Practitioners are Maari Falsetto (http://maarifalsetto.com), Jeri Hudson and Gary Theo Schultz.  To book an appointment please email connect@inneralchemytt.com or call 1-206-932-3461.