What is A Healing Medium?

A Medium is someone who has the gift of communicating directly with the spirit world, including your loved ones who have passed over from this life into the next.  

A Healing Medium creates sacred space for the palpable presence of love to unite you and the spirit world for sharing love, offering encouragement, completing unfinished business, extending forgiveness, and receiving guidance. 

What to Expect During a Session

Your Healing Mediumship session has three parts to help you better understand what you are ready to explore and heal to support your personal evolution.  The session begins by anchoring our energy and space through meditation and/or an opening prayer. 


Your Spirit Guides will provide information that reveals where life is leading you and helping you achieve the desired movement and healing. We’ll review the messages from your spirit guides and discuss areas of significance for insights.  Spirit Guides are your spiritual team that you chose at the time of your birth and are committed to supporting your journey.  Spirit Guides have lived a lifetime previously on Earth, which helps them understand the struggles of being human.


The Soul/Chakra Reading is a spiritual assessment of the information provided by your spirit guides seen through your auric field and chakra system.  This will provide you a glimpse of how you emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually are holding and integrating the life circumstances highlighted by your Spirit Guides.  We’ll review the soul/chakra reading along side your Spirit Guide Messages for identifying healing opportunities and synchronicities.


We’ll utilize both the spirit guide messages and soul/chakra reading information as a platform for inviting a loved one in spirit to step forward and participate in the conversation.  We’ll trust that whomever steps forward is best suited to support you and your life. With time permitting, we’ll invite other loved ones in spirit to participate in the conversation.

Your session concludes with a prayer of gratitude and opens the gateway for spirit to continue to be a part of your life’s healing and spiritual evolution.  When you leave, you will feel lovingly witnessed and guided by the medium.  You will leave feeling deeply loved and supported by the spirit world, including a powerful awareness of their presence in your life.


  • You will receive helpful feedback and guidance for understanding what is unfolding in your life

  • You will experience a greater awareness of your energy body and the wisdom it holds

  • You will know you are deeply loved and supported

  • You will feel deeply seen and heard in a safe sacred container

  • You will experience a greater sense of peace and gratitude knowing that your willingness to invite healing into your own life, offers that same healing across the veil to your ancestors.

  • You will learn tools for reconnecting with your inner guidance system and accepting all of who you are

  • You will be become more aware of the miraculous synchronicities unfolding in your life

  • You will be able to identify self-limiting patterns and use them as springboards to advance and strengthen your soul

  • You will be better able to flow with changes and make decisions that are in alignment with your authentic self

  • You will experience a deeper sense of purpose in your life and self-love that comes from knowing yourself as a spiritual being (spirit and energy) having a human experience

Inner Alchemy’s Healing Mediums are Elle Gulotta and Marc Lainhart.  To book an appointment please email connect@inneralchemytt.com or call 1-206-932-3461.