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Meet Your Dragon Spirit Guide

Neave'e Dragon.png

In honor of September being Transformation Month at Inner Alchemy Neave Karger of HeartSong Communication will lead you on a journey to meet your dragon spirit guide. Dragons are great teachers on transformation. Dragons take air into their body and transmutes it into fire when exhaled, thus the dragon totem represents transmutation, alchemy, fire magic, and transformation. The dragon is associated with the element of fire, but since it can fly and also guards the earth is associated with earth and air. There are also water dragons.

Each of us have a whole team of guides, angels, loved ones, animal spirit guides which include mythical animals such as dragons, unicorns, griffons supporting you from the realms of spirit. Animal spirit guides, or sometimes-called power animals or totems, are powerful members of your spiritual team. Your animal spirit guides work from beyond the physical to empower you and to help you stay present and in balance. Power animals also offer guidance, protection, help you to overcome fear, and they can lend you their specific wisdom and attributes to support you on your journey through life.

Dragon teaches responsibility for your soul and how to live a life of honor.

Are you curious? Do you want to learn how to connect to your inner fire?

Come meet a dragon and let the dragon breathe fire into your soul!

Neave Karger, Inner Alchemy Tribe Specialist

Neave Karger, Inner Alchemy Tribe Specialist

Who is Neave?

Neave Karger has been working with a dragon guide since 2014 while battling Lyme disease. Her dragon guide taught her about reclaiming her power and connecting to her inner fire. She no longer suffers from Lyme and the dragon still teaches her many lessons. She delights in introducing people to their dragon guides.

Neave holds sacred space for interspecies dialogue, hosts ceremonies, leads classes, and offers healing to allow her clients to awaken their intuition to connect with themselves, animals and the natural world.

She performs house clearings and land blessings, has been a sweat lodge leader, and takes delight in communicating with the spiritual world. Neave believes animals are here to teach us to walk in harmony and balance in our lives.