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Intuitive Playground with Neave & the Animals

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Join Neave of HeartSong Communication to strengthen your intuitive muscle and hone your skills in communicating with animals, nature and yourself. Like any new skill practice, practice, practice makes it stronger. All that is needed is curiosity, an open heart and willingness to play!

This intuitiive playground will be offered each month at Inner Alchemy. Come to one or attend each month.

Curious? Come meet Neave in person every Soul Spa Saturday at Inner Alchemy.

Soul Spas are every 3rd Saturday of the month. From 4 - 5 pm Neave is offering a free one hour introduction of Communicating with the animals.

Neave Karger

Neave Karger

Neave Karger takes pride in helping people gain confidence in using their intuition as an Intuition Coach. She is an animal communicator, energy healer, Reiki practitioner, ceremonialist, and the founder of HeartSong Communication.

Neave’s work has deepened the animal and human relationship for people all over the world.
She holds sacred space for interspecies dialogue, hosts ceremonies, leads classes, and offers healing to allow her clients to awaken their intuition with their self, animals and the natural world. She facilitates conversations between animals and their people by being a voice for the animals and communicating their truth, observations, suggestions, desires, questions, concerns and messages.

Neave believes animals are here to teach us to walk in harmony and balance in our lives.
She is honored to be able to listen and guide the shared songs of the heart.