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Psychic Boot Camp . A Beginner's Course in Intuitive Developm


We are all born with a sixth sense and an awareness of the energy around ourselves and others. Some of us experience a stronger capacity for these gifts at an early age while others are awakened later on through life experiences, scripted by our Soul's plan.

Once we feel or hear the call of our Soul to deepen our relationship with our self and the spiritual realms, it is through our desire to learn, our dedication to practice and our commitment to personal growth that we are able to reach our potential for expressing our Soul's intuitive gifts.

Psychic Bootcamp will teach you the foundations for developing your psychic gifts and introduce you to the fundamentals of reading energies and how you can use these gifts to enhance your life experience. You'll leave with sound guidance and technical skill knowledge for taking your intuitive gifts to the next level.

We will also touch upon communicating with spirit for a portion of the class and how your psychic gifts are intertwined with spirit communication, or mediumship. Each learning topic comes with hands-on exercises with feedback and validation, tools and sharing for optimal growth.

The Energetic Field - Its Functions/Roles

Your Personal Power = Personal Growth & Technical Skill Development

Building Blocks: The Chakras & the Clairs (intuitive senses)

Soul & Spirit Awareness. An Introduction to Spirit Communication.

Elle Gulotta and Melissa Kincaid are your teachers and guides. Together they will impart their wisdom and share their knowledge for helping you build a strong platform on which to grow your gifts.

About Elle

Healing Medium, Teacher and Grief Specialist

Elle began her life with an early awareness of the spirit world. She is known for her deep love of Spirit and compassionate nature. She is a natural and inspiring teacher for personal growth and the development of one’s intuitive gifts. She specializes in Soul & Wellness Readings, Spirit Communication for Healing, and Soul Work for navigating life. She is currently in her 5th year of mentoring with British Medium & Teacher, Tony Stockwell and has trained with several master teacher mediums from around the world such James Van Praagh, John Holland, Mavis Pattilla, Andy Byng and Colin Bates. Her background also includes a career as a Human Resource Executive & Corporate Trainer and she is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. She currently teaches classes and hosts workshops throughout the year in the Pacific Northwest and Online.

About Melissa

Melissa Kincaid is a psychic medium who has been working and developing her abilities for the last 5 years. She has trained with experienced mediums to further enhance her gift so that she may best serve her community. Most recently, she has been working with Elle Gulotta not only taking part of the classes that Elle offers, but also assisting her in teaching beginner psychic and medium classes. Her intention is to help people heal through soul readings and connecting them with loved ones in the spirit world. She wants to help people find, explore and embrace their soul's full expression to live their best life.