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Learn 7-Path Self Hypnosis - Your Brain has the Cure for your mind and body

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Stop smoking-lose weight-gain confidence- Learn 7-Path Self Hypnosis and create real change now

About this Event

Are you ready to set yourself free from the past? Truly live and enjoy your life by learning 7-Path Self Hypnosis and free yourself from unwanted behaviors, negative thought patterns, past trauma and more.

In this 2 hour workshop you will learn how hypnosis works, experience hypnosis and learn 7-Path Self Hypnosis. You will be empowered by this extraordinary powerful program for self development. There is nothing else like it.

Join Lisa Shook, Certified 5-PATH® Hypnotist and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher, and gain powerful insights that will help you transform your life and reach your goals. You will receive a complimentary 30 minute consultation, a booklet and ongoing online community support.

Every month on the last Sunday of each month we will have a group workshop to receive each "Recognition", which is part of the 7-Path Program, there are a total of 9 Recognitions that Lisa will teach each month along with extra special insights for this group. Your brain has everything to heal your body and mind. Why wait?