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Leaders of the Heart-a concert of intimate connection.

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During this intimate show at Inner Alchemy, Seattle’s new venue for healing and transformation, Leaders of the Heart will bring forth a show that is unlike any other concert experience. Through their compassionate leadership, they bring the audience to contact their inner being and spirit, where renewal is a constant - fresh - present moment. 

The Leaders of the Heart bring us into vibrational alignment with source so we can offer our unique gifts to each other and the world.  We awaken inspiration through soulful harmonies in alignment with traditional folk sing-along

Their interactive music breaks down barriers as we create a culture of inclusivity, empowerment and authenticity to become compassionate leaders.

Leaders of the Heart are the ONLY band that asks you to add your voice to their show.

More about Jen and Ellen:

The Leaders of the Heart blend soul-full harmonies with transformational lyrics to delight and inspire you. The only band that creates a purposeful and direct process of growth through our show, we are highly educated and trained facilitators, The Leaders of the Heart harness the power of music for the purpose of a more joyful world.

A show with Leaders of the Heart, one of today's best acoustic acts, is unlike any other concert experience. Through their compassionate leadership, they bring the crowd to great heights and tender lows with interactive rhythms and chants. According to founding member Ellen Pierce, the show is like a musical conversation, almost as if the people together in the room were a living instrument.

Jen Pastalo and Ellen Pierce are both talented performers trained in psychology and psychotherapy. They deliver a one-of-a-kind performance that amplifies positive energies and stimulates the release of the neurotransmitters that create euphoria. If you love harmonies and you could use a little infusion of joy this is a ‘must see’ concert. Your heart will thank you.

Ellen Pierce - MA in Contemplative Psychotherapy, 1200+ hr yoga teacher, vocals, guitar, ukulele.

Jen Pastalo - Psychologist, vocals, guitar, ukulele, rhythm.