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SOUL SPA Singing Bowl and Gong Sound Bath

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Join Gail Kronberg, Certified Sound Healer and Reiki Master for a meditative sound bath experience that is deeply restorative and rejuvenating. Allow your stress and tension to melt away as you lie or sit comfortably and bathe in the luscious soundscapes and healing frequencies of an extraordinary ensemble of therapeutic sound instruments.

Your evening will include the sounds of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, gong, native drum, rainstick, tingshas, and koshi chimes. All of these instruments will play a part in our healing experience as they bring their own unique textures and tonal qualities to your sonic journey.

If you're new to meditation or find it difficult to meditate, sound baths are a great way to get “in-tune” with yourself and access deeply meditative states with ease. Experience effortless relaxation, and connect to higher self while receiving subtle energy attunements especially for you.


- Stress relief

- Release of emotional traumas

- Lowers blood pressure

- Mental clarity

- Clears and balances the chakras

- Heightens intuition and perception

- Removes mental and emotional negativity

- Improved sleep

- Relief from muscle or joint aches, digestive disorders, fatigue, and headaches

- Eases anger and depression

- Increased circulation

- Enhances creativity

Cost: $25 before or $35 at the door

Tickets available on Eventbrite. Space is limited to 10.


Wear comfortable clothes, and bring whatever you need (yoga mat, blanket, pillow, water, etc.) to be relaxed for the 60 minute sound bath meditation.

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