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Shamanic Soul Garden with Gary Theo Schultz

Shamanic Soul Garden.jpg

SHAMANIC SOUL GARDEN is a unique offering at Inner Alchemy, facilitated by Gary Theo Schultz. It includes a guided heart-centered meditation with music and features the specialized modality of Shamanic Reiki which incorporates the healing elements of Nature and intention. Each individualized soul attunement and transmission are energetically encoded with your unique Soul Signature.

Participants rest comfortably with provided  yoga mats and coordinated blanket. (Chair provided by request.)

Gary Theo Schultz, Founder of INWARD VOYAGE, Inc. is a seasoned Energy Healer, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and noted Meditation Guide. Gary’s holistic approach of embodiment, integrates body, mind and spirit. He partners with his clients to gently and artfully create an energetic space that makes healing and transformation welcome.

Saturday, April 27,  7:30-8:30pm (doors open early) Space availability is limited to preserve quality experience.

•Special Price: $25.per person 

  Advance ticket sale only.