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Inner Child Play-Shop

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Practice the Art of surrender.

Practice the art of intuition with an actual Intuitive Medium!

Join us for an expression of your inner child through paint and play! Let us remember how to do things simply out of joy, without worry or judgment. The easiest way to connect to your intuition is through inspiration, childlike wonder, and excitement! This introductory course is a window into the world of joy and your connection to the universe.

Connecting with our intuition can help us gain more confidence, reduce anxiety and depression. This uniquely designed practice can significantly improve your decision making skills, as well as strengthen your intuitive muscles. Learn how to access your inner wisdom through practical application and playfulness. Simple healing Art exercises are just one of many tools used to practice the artistry of surrender. We are all Intuitive beings, and just need a little guidance to uncover our own hidden treasures. No artistic or intuitive ability necessary.

Adult course ages 14 and up

Tami Bensen

Tami Bensen