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GONG bath, relaxation and sound healing with SiriOM!

SiriOM's Gong Bath April 2019.jpeg

Join us for a soothing "Soul Spa" experience in this idyllic West Seattle healing space. You will experience the healing power of the Gong as you are expertly guided into a deep relaxation by experienced Kundalini Yoga Teacher, SiriOM Kaur.

The event will begin with some gentle yoga movements and breath work, to help your body and mind release any pent up stress, and prepare you to better soak up the replenishing effects of the Gong vibration as it washes over you. Please bring a blanket to cover yourself, and an eye-mask is recommended - but not essential.

A warming mug of chai tea will be served after the event.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

We are so excited to have SiriOM, who created and established our thriving Kundalini Class, back in our sanctuary for spiritual adventure!

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