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The Magic of Manifesting through Self Hypnosis

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Imagine living the life you have dreamed of, what that feels like, tastes like, sounds like....Do you daydream about a different life than what you are living, a life of freedom, tons of money, traveling, lots of friends, you in a healthy, fit body, with the love of your life, its so amazing, but you never really believe you will get there?

Or maybe, you are so depressed you can't get up out of bed in the morning, feeling like there's no purpose? Are you feeling like maybe its too late for you, telling yourself, "I'm too old to do anything else now? Or have you been told, "You're young, be patient, you have to put your hard time in before you can get to the top of the ladder."

SURPRISE! You don't have to feel like that and you can eliminate the negative chatter going on in your head. Come to this 90 minute workshop and you will leave feeling positive, motivated and confident that you CAN do what you want to do in your life and make your dreams come true!

In this workshop you will :

1. Experience the magic of hypnosis.

2. Learn keys to eliminating unwanted thoughts and create your own mental clarity and positive thought patterns.

3. Learn techniques to align you with the laws of attraction, allowing you to manifest the life of your dreams.

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My name is Lisa Shook, I am a Certified 5-Path Hypnotist and 7-Path Self Hypnosis Teacher. I will introduce you to the power of hypnosis and provide information about how hypnosis can help you achieve your dreams. Hypnosis is safe and natural. Don't miss out on this powerful and fun workshop, bring a friend who pays $20, and you can come for free!