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"Faces of Gaia" Art Walk and Community Party

May Faces of Gaia 3 copy.jpg

Inner Alchemy hosts artist Deborah Milton, PHD, as our May artist.  

Gaia, a Goddess from Greek mythology, birthed Earth with her creative exuberance and found beauty reflected everywhere, even in chaos. Gaia knew everything to be connected in a single web of vitality and thus it was no surprise that in the 1970’s, scientist James Lovelock began calling Earth, Gaia, to highlight his discovery that Earth is a living, self-regulating being. Gaia, for me, is synonymous with Creator, GODdess, the Great Mystery, the ineffable Source, the divine masculine and the sacred feminine. Since I believe all of the above to be true, I paint – and I write – to express my vision of humanity humbled before the immensity of the universe, recognizing our dependence on our galaxy and planetary home. I create to articulate my soul’s longing to belong to a species who lives in awe and gratitude for the miracle of being alive on a thriving Earth, to belong to a species who restores our home, rather than one who destroys it.. May you find inspiration and solace here…

Join us for incredible art, time with the artist, great shopping, complimentary mini sessions with our Inner Alchemy Practitioners and sips&nibbles.

Deborah Milton

Deborah Milton