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Masterpiece of Humanity

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Masterpiece of Humanity: an Introduction to the VAST Institute Personal Integration Process

This class introduces the VAST interdisciplinary toolkit designed to strengthen your client’s confidence and enhance your practice offerings.

This program is designed for Therapists, Health-Care Practitioners, Well-Being Specialists and Visionaries eager to augment their practice offerings with a solid set of proven tools and perspectives that encourage an expanded understanding of how the Personal Integration Process is used to boost authenticity, self-esteem and creative outcomes for your clients.

Those under your care learn to integrate the whole, unique and wonderful aspects of self. When we are comfortable with our self, the direction of our life becomes clearer, we feel more balanced and this allows for extraordinary results.

You will be introduced to this interdisciplinary, whole systems, spiritually enriched process through:

  • Case studies that highlight how this model catalyzes the profound self-acceptance, healing and empowerment of those who practice it

  • Examples of how it significantly enhances self-awareness and self-wisdom

  • Demystifying the nine essential skills and perspectives that expedite your client’s sense of self trust.

Join us and engage in this process of becoming comfortable with wholeness via VAST Personal Integration Process, which frees up energy to grow in new and healthy directions.

Sips and Nibbles offered in this beautiful sanctuary setting.

Michelle Sherman

Michelle Sherman

Michelle Sherman, Founder and Creative Director of the VAST Institute, is a highly respected business strategist whose insights and expertise have dramatically improved the quality of life and bottom-line results of forward thinking professionals.

 For the past thirty years as a Thought Leader, she has worked nationally and internationally to develop and deliver performance-boosting training and mentoring programs.

 These unique programs are designed to enhance collaboration and profitability, while at the same time creating an environment where both individuals and business thrive.

 When not imagining the VAST Institute into being, Michelle treasures time spent with friends and family in her garden communing with the birds, bees, trees and flowers.