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"Banish the Bully" with Michelle Sherman, **A Vast Institute Series

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Inner Alchemy Presents:

 “Banish the Bully” with Michelle Sherman

Join Michelle Sherman, a modern day mystic and CEO as she empowers you to banish the bullies in your life. Through the maps of human consciousness illustrated in the work of Dr. David Hawkins you will identify, assess and resolve today’s most confounding personal, professional and political issues. Together we will review the distinction between right use of personal power and abuse of power, as we delve into the maps of consciousness as a compass guiding you to understand and navigate your life with ease and certainty.

During this highly interactive discussion you will:

Understand the unique strength of personal power
Discover how power is different than force in human interaction
Learn to navigate the maps as you harness your personal power and diffuse the impact of bullies in your life

Sips and Nibbles offered in this beautiful sanctuary setting.  

Michelle Sherman

Michelle Sherman

Michelle Sherman, Founder and Creative Director of the VAST Institute, is a highly respected business strategist whose insights and expertise have dramatically improved the quality of life and bottom-line results of forward thinking professionals.

 For the past thirty years as a Thought Leader, she has worked nationally and internationally to develop and deliver performance-boosting training and mentoring programs.

 These unique programs are designed to enhance collaboration and profitability, while at the same time creating an environment where both individuals and business thrive.

 When not imagining the VAST Institute into being, Michelle treasures time spent with friends and family in her garden communing with the birds, bees, trees and flowers.