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Animal Communication and the Emotion Code with Cheryl Cullen

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Join Cheryl Cullen, Inner Alchemy Emotion Code Practitioner, to hear how she helps animals physically, mentally and emotionally by using The Emotion Code, telepathic Animal Communication and past life information.

When working with an animal, Cheryl will first telepathically connect with the animal to hear what he/she has to say about the issue at hand, then using The Emotion Code, she can release blocks and mental and emotional wounds from this life and previous lives to shift behavior and even physical issues. This is also a very quick and easy method to determine food allergies, which is an issue many people and animals are dealing with.

Cheryl is offering a few private sessions following the talk.  If you would to book a session please email

COOL FACT: You do not need to have your animal present to have a session!

Cheryl Cullen, Seattle's FIRST Emotion Code Practitioner!

Cheryl Cullen, Seattle's FIRST Emotion Code Practitioner!

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