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Animal Art and Communication with Becky MacPherson

Becky and a horse.jpg

Inner Alchemy's August month of Sacred Animals presents:

Animal Art and Communication with Becky MacPherson

Join us for a lovely talk with Becky MacPherson sharing her journey to becomng an animal communicator who also combines art with this unique modality.  She will share how she moved from skeptic to believer and the amazing realization that everyone has the capacity to communicate with animals too.

Becky is also one of our featured artists for this month's "Sacred Animal" art show.  She will talk about how she combines art and animal communication- letting the animals ‘paint themselves’.  

Becky will offer everyday animal communication tips to use at home and when in the presence of wildlife.  She is happy to answer your questions too.

There will be 5 spots after the talk for perssonal sessions with Becky.  Your animals do not need to be present for her to communicate with them!  If you are interested please email your request at

About Becky MacPherson:

I have been an artist and an animal lover for as long as I can remember. Throughout my childhood, drawing was one of my favorite past times, rivaled only by my love of animals and the outdoors. When I wasn't drawing I could be found up trees and in oceans, or sitting for hours waiting for a chipmunk to come out of its hole (I was convinced it wanted to be my new best friend). Since art is complementary to most things, I most often combined my two loves into one blissful activity- drawing animals and the natural world.

As an adult, I have continued this combination of animals and art. I combined the art training I received through St. Mary's College of Maryland and the Mitchell School of Fine Art in Baltimore with the extensive training in animal communication and energy healing I received through Communication with All Life University into an amazing day job.