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Kundalini Yoga to reframe anxiety, depression and addictive behaviors. Class #2 Fatigue.

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Inner Alchemy is very excited to present another unique modality and class to support full health and freedom!

Kundalini Yoga with Gangama Reframing depression, anxiety and addictive patterns through attention to stress, fatigue and impulsivity-the yogic way!

Class #2 Fatigue as a temporary state.

Fatigue affects the entire body; the joints, muscles, eyes, ears, and tongue; the intellect, emotions, and the joy in living. Fatigue places limits on your life before you arise in the morning for your day. Kundalini yoga is unique to all other forms of yoga in focusing the postures and breath practices to enliven and cleanse the lymphatic system. The lymph fluid in the body transports the elixirs of life emitted from the brain in the form of endorphins-feel good hormones. Without attention to the movement of lymphatic fluid, the body struggles to thrive. Specific meditations and postures in Kundalini yoga can restructure the way you use your body, the way you respond and help you clear your own fatigue. Vitality is a critical factor in every aspect of your life.

Class includes clinically validated practices in Kundalini yoga. Kriyas specified for diagnostic criteria related to anxiety, depression, compulsive behaviors will be taught based upon Sacred Therapies-the Kundalini Yoga Meditation Handbook for Mental Health by David Shannahoff-Khalsa. Participants will receive class materials supporting a continuing practice; a clinical study validating each practice, and links for the music. Participants will be tended to with kindness, confidentiality and compassion. Yogi tea will be served.

Julie Beach, or Gangama Bio: 
After 25 years in the business world, the Universe decided that my life needed to take a left turn. I hung on with all my might, to no avail. The winds of spiritual emergence uprooted the tree of me and what you see today is the new growth. I am a Kundalini yoga instructor, clinical Heart-Centered hypnotist and working on a doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology at The Wellness Institute. My studies come from the heart and include research on dementia and clinical work in depression, anxiety, suicide, sexual trauma, dissociation, addiction, and progressive mental health treatments. Kundalini yoga has brought me into direct communication with my inner essence and validated my experience of life as a highly-sensitive person.

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