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Community Drumming Circle-at Inner Alchemy

Drumming Circle.jpg

Community Drumming Circle

"When you can't feel anything else, you can always feel the beat."

Join Steve Scheurich for a beautiful community drumming experience.  Together with Steve, you will enjoy a sacred space where you can get into rhythm with others, enjoying connection, drumming and the sharing of stories.

Hand drumming is a powerful way to build community and bring people together to enjoy a shared sense of life, involvement, and rhythm. In addition to the proven therapeutic benefits of hand drumming, shared rhythm circles can enhance communication, confidence, social relationships, and team building. Drumming is both a physical and a spiritual activity that brings joy and a sense of mindfulness or "living in the moment" to participants.

Light refreshments are served in a beautiful and intentional setting.

Please bring drums and rattles if you have them and if not some will be provided.

Interested in building your own drum? Then don't miss the amazing opportunity to make your own unique drum at our Drum Making Workshop August 11 and 18th.