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Get Happy with Your Body~ an Introduction to a Happy, New Habit!

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Inner Alchemy is thrilled to present:

Get Happy with Your Body~ an Introduction to a Happy, New Habit!

Join Jill Pagano, creator of The Happy Body Habit®, in a light-hearted morning of “ah-ha! And oh, yeah!”-- Let’s have fun cheering on our ever-changing body!

Have you experienced a recent injury or illness that has left you confused about your body?

Are you increasingly frustrated or disappointed with how your body looks, feels or acts?

Finding what use to work to “fix your body”, no longer does?

You are not alone. Many smart, health-conscious individuals, who thrive in all areas of their life, become confused and deeply discouraged with their body at the onset of injury, illness or signs of aging.

“I’ve been active my whole life but now this…”

The problem is strict diets, rigorous exercise or “rest and it will get better” approaches don’t offer long-term solutions and frankly, aren’t very much fun or incredibly interesting. The key isn’t someone else fixing us or whipping us back into shape.  The key to Get Happy with your Body is to make a happy habit out of aligning your choices and actions to your body’s changing needs.

Learn more about the process of developing a Happy Body Habit® .

In this introductory gathering, Jill will introduce you to her steps that will help you  Get Happy with your Body, once and for all.

11:00am Gathering with Jill

11:15am Discussion with Jill begins. (75-minute talk)

12:30pm The option to stay for snacks and bonus 30-minute Q&A


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Over 30 years as a Body Coach, Jill Pagano has worked with thousands of individuals seeking a new way to improve fitness and wellbeing. She’s been featured in local magazine, newspaper, TV and radio. After a series of repetitive stress injuries (due to exercise) and illness (chronic fatigue due to stress) she left the traditional fitness industry to pursue a more happy and holistic approach. For the next 20 years, with a glorious new approach, she naively enjoyed life, in a healthy and fit body. Until age 49, when her story took on a new twist. Sidelined with the “dreaded start of menopause” and a series of reoccurring injuries, Jill took a sabbatical from what “she knew” and became her best research partner and client. Over the next two years, she retooled her already unique "body-centered" approach to specifically help individuals understand their body amidst the storm of change and uncertainty.