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Spirit Gallery with Medium Elle Gulotta


Inner Alchemy's Spring Cleaning for the Soul presents:

When the Presence of Spirit Draws Near.

The moment our loved ones in spirit draw near we are witnessing a miracle. When our loved ones draw near our lives can be healed and forever changed by their presence. When we open ourselves to this miracle, we can experience powerful healing, inspiration and validation for our life here on Earth.

Spirit's Presence ...

How does Spirit come ALIVE? This is nothing more powerful and consciousness shifting than having our loved one share something so personal or comment about something has occurred since their passing to touch a place in our heart that needs reassurance that they are with us, that we are loved, and that we have nothing to fear. Our loved ones in spirit KNOW exactly what to share for igniting a spark in us that makes us feel alive and seen.

During a recent group reading for a guest, she asked for us to connect with her mother in spirit. I kept receiving over and over again the image of a glass bathroom container with the powder-puff. The feeling that accompanied this image was that her mother was overjoyed that her daughter chose this as one of her treasured keepsakes. I shared the message. Turned out, that when she and her siblings sat down to parcel out their mother's belongings, it was this glass bathroom container with the powder-puff she most desired because it rekindled memories of LOVE. In this moment her mother was never more alive and in turn sparked that same feeling for her daughter. A miracle indeed.

Our loved ones in spirit will go to great lengths to let us know how much we are loved. They see us for who we really are. Our loved ones can see us perfectly, from the inside out. They know what we need and will go to the end of the Earth to find a way to be present for us.

Experiencing the Presence of Spirit in Community.......

Please join me in the community room at Inner Alchemy from 7:00 - 9:00PM with others for an evening with Spirit. Elle will bring messages of love, hope and healing from loved ones in spirit for guests in attendance. Even if your loved ones aren't part of the group readings, just being in the presence of spirit can be quite enriching and at miraculous.

Private Session Available Before.....

Elle offers one private session at Inner Alchemy on Monday, April 9th from 4-6PM, before the group spirit gallery. SEE TICKETS FOR DETAILS.