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Art Saves Lives! Two Documentaries.

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Join us for a screening of two fascinating documentaries created by Art Therapist Sharon Sanborn. The first film is called“Art Saves Lives"and is a 30 minute documentary about 5 art therapists who discuss what art therapy is including details of their experiences working in this creative healing profession. The second film is called "Art Saves Lives Stories" which is also a 30 minute documentary about four artists from Washington state who inspire and inform us about how they find visual art-making to be helpful, calming, healing, therapeutic and fun.

Join the Inner Alchemy Community for this fun and interesting movie night. 

Tickets are $15 each. 

Movie snacks are provided!

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Sharon Sanborn has had a long-time fascination with Art and Psychology. Since her teenage years she has been collaging and painting and exhibited her work in Germany and the United States. More recently she has produced and directed 2 documentary videos and recently became a SoulCollage® Facilitator. As a Counselor, Art Therapist and Relationship Coach, she has had the pleasure of sharing her interest in the healing power of creativity and art-making with her clients. She says, “Perhaps not a cure-all, exploring with paint, collage and images often calms and grounds me, as well as brings me more awareness, clarity and perspective in my life. I love hearing other peoples’ stories about what sparks anything similar in them”.

Contact her at 206-283-9767 or at  For more information at