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Seattle Wisdom Soup-A Mindfulness Group to bring authenticity into the workplace.

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Inner Alchemy's Spring Cleaning for the Soul Presents:

Seattle Wisdom Soul

How do you bring greater mindfulness into your work-life?

This month we will explore what a more mindful workplace means for each of us. We’ll report back on our experiments to bring more of this experience into whatever part of our lives we call “work”.

It’s a big topic and we’ll just be getting started. Come join us as we learn from each other and generate some topics for further exploration in the coming months.

The event is free and open to anyone - young adult or older.

Seattle Wisdom:  A Seattle hub for conscious conversations and mindfulness practices in professional spaces.  We meet monthly in Bellevue (3rd Thursdays) and West Seattle at Inner Alchemy (4th Tuesdays).

Founded in 2013 to unite the Seattle community, the group includes mindfulness teachers, coaches, facilitators, private mediation practitioners as well as those seeking to learn new ways bring authenticity into the workplace. We are a thriving community and volunteer led organization.

Rick Gage

Rick Gage