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Intuitive Art 101 with Tami Bensen

Intuitive Art 101

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Intuitive art reminds us who we truly are. Intuition shows us how to trust ourselves and find our true path in life. Everything in life is communication, let art remind us how to listen again.

Using art we will foster the freedom of intuition and self confidence. Creating a space where everyone can unleash their individuality and creativity without judgment, without rigid instructions. This gives students more freedom to focus on the process, instead of the end result. Intuitive art teaches us self confidence without worry. This practice encourages participants not to compare themselves to others, but find their own voice and love it. We are all creative and can benefit from engaging in activities which prevent us from practicing in self judgment. With a focus on techniques like texture, use of tools, and color we will practice the art of letting go.

Come color outside the lines with me joyfully, as we learn how to love ourselves all over again.


 No experience is necessary


Medium: Mixed Media

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Instructor: Artist Tami Bensen

Sunday: 2/11/18  from 11-2pm  

Hosted by: Inner Alchemy (West Seattle)

Activity Fee: $45.00

Material fee: $10.00