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Seven Stories Cafe-storytelling within Community.

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Inner Alchemy Presents:

The Seven Stories Cafe

The Seven Stories Cafe is a welcoming and encouraging safe place to share a true five minute story told without notes. It's commonly held to be true that there are only seven stories that occur all over the world, in myriad combinations. Come and join Ellen Bloom to share one of your own unique, special versions of one of these recurring seven stories.

Requisites for Stories: A beginning, middle, and end, with an arc along the way. A change must take place, perhaps a lesson learned. The theme for October is Ghostbusting.

Sips and nibbles will be offered as you enjoy the space of Inner Alchemy Sanctuary.

Ellen Bloom has been a massage therapist for eighteen years, and she specializes in helping people feel more at home in their bodies. Being embodied can feel challenging. The comfort of touch can soothe, nurture, and heal. Ellen is also a serious reader, aspiring writer, and occasional storyteller on stage. When she is not massaging, and escaping her own internal narrative drive, she is optimistically seeking the solace of the right words with which to name everything. Her hypoallergenic companion dog Tucker uniquely remembers everyone he ever meets, and greets them with a bountiful sense of joy.