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October Tarot Parlor - Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross Tarot.jpg

The Tarot Parlor returns to Inner Alchemy! Wednesday, Oct. 17th, join professional tarot card reader, enthusiast and teacher, Christian Neill, for an evening of fun, insight, and inspiration. The October Tarot Parlor will do a deep dive into the most popular and enduring tarot spread: The Celtic Cross - its layout, interpretation, intricacies and dynamics. We will also explore spread dynamics in general: directionality, symbology, etc. Followed by half-an-hour of individual gallery-style readings. Another magical evening at beautiful Inner Alchemy! Tickets are $25 each with just six special seats available so book now!

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Christian Neill is a professional Tarot reader and a Tarot enthusiast. He brings more than two decades of training and experience in spirituality, psychology, and counselling to his practice and teaching. Christian is known for his engaging Psycho-Spiritual approach to Tarot, and for his dynamic teaching style. He offers private Tarot readings at Inner Alchemy on Wednesdays, and organizes the Tarot Parlor monthly.

Inner Alchemy is a center for exploration, growth, and healing, in West Seattle. Hosting many practitioners of diverse modalities, and a number of community events that offer opportunities for people learn, explore, stretch, and gain knowledge and insight. Inner Alchemy also offers an impressive retail store of unique items overwhelmingly sourced from local artisans. Open to the public Monday through Saturday, 9-4pm, and by special appointment.