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Introduction to Essential Oils

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Amber Moore is an essential oil expert and has been a wellness advocate since 2014. Amber has over ten years experience in the use of essential oils, but it wasn’t until she was introduced to Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and wellness supplements that her life changed. 

When Amber was experiencing profound physical pain and falling deep into depression, she would spend days soaking in scalding hot baths because it was one of the only things that helped alleviate her discomfort, still with limited success. She had no energy, zero sex drive and she found herself becoming more and more isolated. She knew there had to be an answer and she found that essential oils helped. The relief she found was minimal, but they helped enough that she was interested in learning more about plant compounds and continued to use essential oils for years. Partnering with an Aromatherapist and doing her own research on the essential oil industry, she learned why they helped sometimes and not others. That's when she realized the importance of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) Today, she uses essential oils in all aspects of daily living; emotional health, beauty, energy, sex drive, and even cooking & cleaning. She also practices and educated on the use of essential oils for the health of household pets, horses and livestock.


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