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Tarot Card Salon-A Fool's Journey

  • Inner Alchemy 7354 35th Avenue Southwest Seattle, WA, 98126 United States (map)

Experience Tarot in a Fun, Supportive Community!

The second Friday of each month, Inner Alchemy (in West Seattle's High Point neighborhood) hosts a Tarot Parlor. 30-40 minutes of presentation by an experienced tarot authority, 20-30 minutes of interactive activity (YOU get to read, and apply the information from the presentation), and an hour of individual gallery-style tarot readings by professional tarot readers for all attendees.

he Fool’s Journey (Part One) - A Journey Through the Major Arcana

Spend an evening romping through the ”fifth suit” of Tarot cards, the life-lessons, the Archetypes, the “Major Arcana”. Join professional tarot reader and tarot enthusiast, Christian Skoorsmith, in a deep-dive look at the first eleven cards of the centuries-old divination tool of Tarot. We also continue our look into the symbology of tarot spreads (how the cards are laid out in a reading). After 30 minutes of learning together, we turn to 30 minutes of practice reading for each other. Our last hour is reserved for gallery-style individual readings with Christian. Light refreshments served. $25 For more information look at or email

Christian Skoorsmith is a professional Tarot reader and a Tarot enthusiast. He brings more than two decades of training and experience in spirituality, psychology, and counselling to his practice and teaching. Christian is known for his engaging Psycho-Spiritual approach to Tarot, and for his dynamic teaching style. He offers private Tarot readings at Inner Alchemy on Wednesdays, and organizes the monthly Tarot Parlor once a month.

Light refreshments provided.